Not only do we all spend a lot of time creating music for children and families...but we all like each other.

Recently, members from the following bands came together to create Let's Play! Bay Area Music Collective.

This blog contains videos of our music as well as links to our websites where you can download our songs, read our bios, learn our lyrics, and in one case, download an entire classroom curriculum of educational hip-hop (see the Alphabet Rockers below). If you subscribe to the blog, or at least keep checking back, we will keep you posted of upcoming live shows.

Treat your family to some local live music!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting to know the locals!

Hello!  Welcome to the Let's Play! Bay Area Music Collective Blog.

We dedicate ourselves to creating real music for real families and we know the bliss of entertaining thousands of dancing children: child mosh pits, family sing-a-longs, wacky wiggling heaps of laughing little people...
that's what we do.

Below you will find a whole bunch of our videos so you can get to know us and get inspired to come see us play live. We have exciting collaborations in the works at wonderful venues throughout the bay area.  Click the location links below for more information and directions:

October 3rd:  
Alphabet Rockers and Rudy Trubitt @  Ashkenaz in Berkeley

November 13th:
"SingSong Planet" with Octopretzel, Orange Sherbet and
Vaudevillians Stage Troupe @ The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley

Stay tuned for show listings, our bands in the news, upcoming CDs,
and more dynamic collaborations.

Links to our websites are in the sidebar.

Please subscribe to our blog and we will keep you posted about
The best Bay Area family entertainment around!

A sweet music video off of Frances England's first album:

The Hipwaders prove that they know how to play!

Octopretzel spreads thier wings at La Pena:

Cookin' up the tunes with Charity and the Jam Band:

Rudy Trubitt and his band "The Sippy Cups":

The Alphabet Rockers are schooling kids with their slick hip-hop curriculum:

Sarita Pockell from Octoprezel with a single from her solo album "Bubblejuice":

Frances England live at Kindiefest in New York:

The Hipwaders live:

Melita from Octopretzel  with a single off of her solo album:

Charity and the Jamband live at the Park Chalet

The Alphabet Rockers live at La Pena:

A few bands in our collective don't have music videos, but you can link to some of their wonderful music by clicking on the following links:
Gunnar Madsen:
Orange Sherbet:

Links to all other websites can be found in the sidebar.  Hope to see you at one of our shows real soon!
Let's Play!

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